Battlefield 2 Special Forces

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Battlefield 2 Special Forces

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Battlefield 2 Special Forces

There's some really great new ******* in Special Forces that builds on the strengths of Battlefield 2. Special Forces adds a total of eight new maps, including a spaceport complete with a launching pad and rocket, gutted- out cities, an airfield, and an island. All these maps have an infantry-heavy focus, even on their larger, 64-player variants, and that's good news to Battlefield 2 fans, since the most popular levels in the core game are the urban ones, such as Strike at Karkand. The other good news is that the expansion features a number of urban levels similar to Karand and Sharqi Peninsula. In fact, they may be a bit too familiar, as there are some buildings and objects recycled from the core game. Still, there's enough new ******* in the levels to differentiate them from their predecessors and to provide more urban playgrounds to romp around in. For example, there's a palace level in which one side has to battle through a city to the palace's gates and then into the palace itself, which provides a large mix of indoor and outdoor combat. Yet perhaps the best new map is a reverse amphibious assault, in which the Middle Eastern Coalition forces must board and take over a US aircraft carrier defended by Navy SEALs; the action takes place on the carrier's deck, in its vast hangar bays, and in its corridors and rooms below
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